Links from around the internet I found interesting. This is an experimental section.. enjoy!

12 Accusations in the Damning House Report on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google - shared on Oct 31, 2020

NYTimes summary of the Congressional report on big tech monopolies

A US antitrust suit might break up Google. Good – it's the Standard Oil of our day - shared on Oct 31, 2020

Republicans and Democrats agree on something: big tech’s power threatens our economies and our flow of information

How to Take On the Tech Barons - shared on Oct 31, 2020

NYTimes Opinion piece about things to keep in mind about the technology sector

Investigation of Competition in Digital Markets - shared on Oct 31, 2020

Congressional Report on Tech Monopolies - Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook

History of the World Wide Web - 1990s edition - shared on Oct 30, 2020

Throwback website detailing what the web meant when it first started. I was in grade school at the time.